The "Oh sh**, I traveled to 10 countries in 2014" Review- Part 6 (#8 Prague, Czech Republic)


The  day after I left Vienna I was off to Prague, aka Praha! I was going to take the train again but everyone advised I take the Student Agency buses which were a fraction of the price and to some even nicer. I was so happy I did. They were exactly right.

I stayed at Miss Sophie's which was really lovely. I wandered around by myself the first day.

I hit up a bookstore and learned how to write Puerto Rico, the Caribbean and Kenya in Czech and now you did too. #YoureWelcome 

This ad just spoke to me because I have long felt that I can Bey like no other.


The next day I was fortunate enough to take the walking tour provided by the hotel with the fantastic Tony. We worked our way around the city.

Once the official tour was over Tony took us somewhere that the lush in me genuinely appreciated: a beer spot where each person controls how much beer they serve themselves and everyone has individual tabs. Brilliant? Or evil? You decide. 


Oh and to make matters even worse there was a competition for drinking the most beer between the tables. Yes, we killed it.


We then went on to one of Prague's "straight-friendly" cafes.  


That night I rolled out with a group of adorable queer fellas to a gay bar and then a club. There were some cuties up in that party. And every few moments I would catch myself thinking, “Hey, why isn’t he paying me any attentioooo, oh right. Fudge.” But I had such a cool time and in the morning I was off to Japan!!