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Race & Ethnicity in latin america & the caribbean

This course introduces students to the ways race and ethnicity have shaped societies across the Americas from colonial times to the present. Students will examine the complex and historically changing meanings of the concepts of race and ethnicity in Latin America and the Caribbean. The primary focus of the course is on those of African descent in Latin America, the Hispanophone Caribbean and the United States.

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race & ethnicity in multicultural societies (sociology of race & ethnicity)

This course is designed to explore the often complex and misunderstood topics of race and ethnicity. We will investigate the ways in which race has been socially and historically constructed. We will think critically about the sociological dimensions of race, ethnicity and their influence on identity, racial categorization, and interlocking systems of oppression. The course engages historical and contemporary theories of race and racism with a primary focus on the United States, however we also incorporate international perspectives and experiences.

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race, ethnicity, space & place

This course focuses on the complex and often misunderstood topics of race and racism from a spatial perspective, paying particular attention to the effects of interlocking systems of oppression on the economic restructuring and spatial transformation of urban African-American communities. However, we will not just examine the built environment of such communities. People shape and are shaped by the places they physically occupy. We, therefore, also delve into the narratives and everyday experiences of racialized city dwellers through various fields and forms: the social sciences (e.g. sociology, economics, political science, geography), the humanities (e.g. literature, history, anthropology) and media (e.g. music, photography, television, film, podcasts).